The case of an overbearing overcoat.


All characters in the work are living to the best of author’s knowledge, and any resemblance to people or things is purely intentional.

Once upon a time, in the world of G, a new desire had taken home. The dream for a perfect overcoat. An overcoat that would make heads turn,  an overcoat that would be a solution to all her miseries, be the cause of everyone’s envy.


She shared her dreams with her friend S who could not really fathom what the excitement was all about. Probably because she wasn’t the one who had watched Priety Zinta swaying -you blink and you miss- range of overcoats in the movie kal ho na ho.

The God of fashion decided to bestow his blessing on G and one fine day she came to possess what she was seeking. The very next day she wore it to her college. She rejoiced at the envious stare of the girls. As she reached S, she expected S to be enthralled and captivated. S instead scoffed and chortled. After much denying S told her that it reminded her of the days back in school when they were made to wear lab coat during science experiments. S later apologized for her error of judgment and said that G’s overcoat was indeed nice. G was left unsettled. Could you blame her?

What she thought she got

white overcoat

what she really got

funny overcoat

The claws of dejection dug deeper into her heart as no one in her class admired or even acknowledged it. She asked M if her coat reminded her of something. M said that it didn’t remind her of anything.

“Are you sure it doesn’t remind you of a lab coat?”

” umm…just a little, may be. Probably its the color.”

S asked her to stop asking irritating questions to random people and put the whole episode behind her for the good of mankind.

G couldn’t.

Then came the most dreaded and loathsome lecture accompanied by a even more dreaded professor. Everyday at that hour they, along with all the other classmates, broke into a run of their lives for the classroom to grab the best seats which would be as far away from the professor as can be. Today was no different.


G’s overcoat was flying everywhere in all its glory and She was keeping in pace with S. It was during this thrilling run, a friend R stood right in their path. Standing there she said it aloud brimming with excitement.

“Wow G, that’s a fab overcoat you are wearing!”

But S and G were soldiers on mission. Such flattery wouldn’t deter them. would it? So G did what had to be done – Push her Away like she were a plague.


A little running and a dive later they were where they belonged. The back bench.

And G learnt a very important lesson. In a battle, a brave soldier doesn’t need a shining Armour as much as a heart of steel.

**********************THE END**********************

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