Life Lessons from Bigg Boss.

I am a sucker for Big Boss. I look forward for it with the anticipation of a drama starved average woman. And if you think you are too sophisticated for the show, you know what, you may be right. Stick to daily soaps. Tamed and predictable. Now I am not a promoter of Bigg Boss, even though the post may prove otherwise, but it has been my guide like no one else has been.

You do not mash garlic in other people’s mug


o jejus!!! Why me?

Now who would have known I could have learnt an important lesson, as this,  from Rakhi Sawant. She is my favorite Drama queen. Now would you blame her? Ginger? I understand. But garlic? who does that? Oh wait. Amit Sadh. So this one happened in the first season. When Amit, one of the contestant decided to pick up a random mug (conveniently not his and conspiratorially Rakhi’s ) and mash garlic in it.  From then own I have learnt my lesson and stuck to it. I mash the garlic in a different mug and add it to the tea later.


You might get a bottle in your face for being too charitable

kamaal khan

You do not  DO NOT offer charity and then brag about it. More so to The Kamaal Khan. He who is a “Multi Millionaire”, He, who lives in 21000 sqft palace, He who drinks french water(Are you sure Kamaal its not called French wine?), He who drinks London tea. And if you happen to do just that, Look out for any unidentified flying object around, it could be a bottle headed right for your talking-too-much face.


It landed on my face! Just like that!

“Baap pe mat jaana”


Baap pe mat jaana!!!

When Manoj Tiwari’s love for the eggs made him challenge Dolly’s father in Bigg boss 5. I knew right away! This episode is going to be my favorite of all time. Ahem! Not for the ugly spat of course for the valuable lesson it taught me.

No matter how ugly a situation gets, you do not involve fathers. Fathers are like those forbidden but lucrative areas that you never trespass. Mothers are fine, going by the number “your mum” jokes doing rounds on the internet, but fathers, nope.

Do not wash dirty linens in public

We all know this one is an idiom but do you all know how it came into existence? I was unaware too until Bigg boss blessed me with the higher wisdom. So once upon  a time there was a “I know I am beautiful”  Veena Malik and some Ashmit patel. Veena Malik had a enormous treasure of stilettos. Red, Golden, green, blue and all colors possible. She admired them day and night.


They were very dear to her. Of course Ashmit was a dear too. Veena dilegently washed all the dirty linens of Ashmit even his chaddis until Ashmit under the influence of some evil power stole Veena’s beloved stilettos and didn’t  care to show them any love or respect. There were war of words like never before. By the end of which Ashmit got a flying stilettos and we the idiom. Veena swore never to wash dirty linens(of Ashmit) publically.

’14 years’ is a Pyscho boyfriend and not a Time span 



Anybody seen Delnaaz? If you do happen to, tell her Mr 14 years is looking for her. He(fourteen years)is planning to file a defamation and a case of over exploitation against her.

Yes Delnaaz we get it  you were married to Rajeev Paul for 14 years. That in itself is an achievement! But you see for a moment I Thought ‘fourteen years’, and not Rajeev, is your husband  . And then it  dawned upon  me that  he(fourteen years) is the Psycho Boyfriend who clings on to you like a leech and reaches everywhere before you do. That is why you kept on saying that even your marriage with Rajeev was for ‘fourteen years’. YA?