An eagle, some chocolates and a lot of change.

My Langkawi Experience

Well, I have recently been to Langkawi and I really wanted to get an introduction picture like this for you all

Image courtesy: Google

Image courtesy: Google

but all I could get was this

Image Courtesy: yours truly.

Image Courtesy: yours truly.

That’s because of all the people who were clinging on to the alphabets for their dear poses.

For people who don’t know, Langkawi is a cluster of numerous small islands in Malaysia of which only a few are inhabited. We were at Pulau Langkawi, the main island. Air Asia was the flight of our choice, not that you are spoilt for choices when travelling from Singapore. But nevertheless it was a smooth flight after the initial delay of an hour. Now Langkawi has pretty straightforward road network. You can either rent a car or even hire a taxi on hourly basis – we opted for the former. The agents were flooding the entire airport and we selected ours very sensibly and diligently. We stood there played a little – Inky pinky ponky father had a donkey-and Maystar it was. Well who goes all sensible and diligent on a holiday. Bla! Luckily for us we faced no problems with the car during our entire trip. For directions you could either use hard copies of maps or a better option would be to download the Langkawi map if you happen to have a Nokia Lumia and it would work offline.

After some sea goodness we headed to the oriental village the next day. A word of advice, don’t keep your plans of the cable car for last day because you never know when it gets windy and rainy and the cable cars are put on halt. So whenever you feel the weather is permissible, go for it. We did take the package at the Oriental Village which included the cable car, Duck tour and the 6D movie. Worth every penny. The sky bridge was closed for maintenance though.

Oriental Village


View from the cable car.


The next day we decided on the Seven Wells waterfall and off we went with a toddler in tow. The name Seven Wells originates from the seven natural water bodies situated at Mount Mat Cincang.

The picture is just my tired attempt to capture what lay ahead, like words can’t even describe how it is to walk all the way up and be rewarded. So let me just try to give you a recap. Look, I love adventure I really do. Just look at me all happy and ready for a cat -ahem- uphill walk.

oh! This is just a cake walk.

And then we take the endless flight of stairs. We walk a little, huff a lot and reach the  waterfall at the lowest level. The first “waterfall” I see is this.


All the way for this?!!!



All the way for this!

Well! What to say? I have seen better. May be the one highest up the hill is a lot better than this but seriously I didn’t want to take the risk. But if you don’t happen to have a demanding toddler carried by a cranky partner – go for it. I love waterfalls, but this one was far from what I was hoping for. And about the legendary tales of fairies coming down to bathe, that just might be because of its difficult accessibility to an average human!

In the evening we headed for Pantai Ceneng  and loved the buzz there. This is one market you could go for some local shopping.


Shopping was last on our list, so we didn’t go around much with it in mind.

In regards to eating out, there are numerous options. And food is mostly kind even to poor vegetarians as us. If you happen to stay at Berjaya , just five minutes away is a gas station at perdana quay and right behind it is  Maharaja . The food is good and the staff friendly. Nice of them to top up our food with free naans.






The next day while at Pantai Ceneng we decided to dine in a place called Mumbai Palace. As we settled down I could not help but notice the stark similarity between the restaurant and the Maharaja we went to the previous night. Just as I was about to inquire a staff,  if the restaurant had a brother lost somewhere, he totally surprised me by asking us  whether we had dined at Maharaja a night ago which happened to be  another one of their restaurant. Well how did he know we dined there? Your guess is as good as mine.  That is how creepy  friendly the staff is. I would totally recommend these restaurants if you happen to be around them.

Finally a  very important piece of information if you are planning a trip to Langkawi  – carry loose change wherever you go because you need to pay to pee. Everywhere. Even in the malls. And in the malls you might have to pay twice as much as you paid to pee at the peak of Gunung Machinchang(you know where the cable car took you!) but I guess it’s because the toilets in the mall  came with this really kind and thoughtful instruction.


Just sayin!

All in all we really loved the place. Usually with so many places to see in this recklessly beautiful world, this is one place I would like to visit again. Even being a tourist attraction it has that serenity about it, that calms you down and makes you a happier person. It’s not as crazy populous as Phuket and therefore you can afford to leave behind all your city qualms behind and just enjoy this amazing place.

PS. We stayed at Berjaya and my-my, wouldn’t I dedicate an entire blog post for the love of it? Oh Ya! Am I being sarcastic? Hell ya! Coming soon!