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ek villain


Rarely do I watch a movie in theater. Either I patiently wait for its DVD to release or I break the law and watch it online.  Movie rating here in Singapore are pretty strict and that means I have to smuggle my toddler inside most of the time.  So you choose, what would you rather like? A woman who might be promoting movie piracy in a teeny weeny way  or the one who smuggles her own baby. I am sure you would make a wise decision. Anyhoo I watched “Ek Villain” today and so I thought I would share my thoughts about it while you pretend like you care.

So just as you arrange the drink, the pop corns and the M&M on the seat the heroine is murdered. Holy molly! so soon you ask? you see she died young! I am so funny! no? We then oscillate between present and past. We have numerous villains to deal with. We have Guru (Sidharth Malhotra) a hench-man of ahem ahem Ceasar (who is he exactly? a politician? a don?), who has just begun to lead a virtuous life after he falls in love with Aisha (Shraddha Kapoor). Then we have Mahesh (or is he Mukesh?) Riteish Deshmukh who kills women for pleasure. He kills Aisha too, who by now is Gurus wife. And of course Guru won’t stop at anything to revenge her death.

I am sure by now you have heard it enough about how it is “inspired” by ‘I saw the Devil’. Well it is indeed inspired and in an very average way  at that. But let’s just review it without comparing it to its Korean counterpart. The movie does have potential but it’s lost in the far too many loopholes. In terms of acting Reitesh does impress. Aamna Sharif is good successfully portraying the role of Ritesh’s cribbing wife. Sidharth is mostly good but a little too awkward in hard-core action scenes. Shraddha is honest to her character. I was totally surprised at how messed up all the other cast was? Remo Fernandas as Ceasar was funny rather than being tyrannous . The police officer was plain awkward. I am sorry, what  purpose was he serving again?  I would have made peace with all the bad cast with their worse acting had I have been spared from the horror of what was coming.

kamaal khan


Yes ‘Mr Imported french ka paani and london ki chai’ was right there in your face throwing in those ugly dialogues. He is cringe worthy.Period.

Guru is eight years old when his parents were killed by people, his father owed money to. Eight years! There were instances in the movies where Guru is shown as close to illiterate.  I am sorry! Weren’t your parents sending you to school?  Dude you cannot spell E L E P H A N T! So basically you have a gambler for a father and a mother who forgets to get you admitted in school. You cry murder. I say easy riddance!

Aisha’s father is too keen for her and Guru’s Alliance. So he doesn’t really care if he is getting a cold-blooded murderer as a son-in-law.


Just when Mahesh’s wife is arrested, Mahesh tries to escape from Guru.  The police man says something on the lines of how he would not let Guru get the satisfaction of revenge – lo and behold they both look on as Mahesh runs away. WOW! So basically the police lets the psycho killer go and give him the freedom to  murder some more women. Well what can I say? Job well done. And why is the wife even arrested? She hardly had any role to play in the killing. Of-course other than wearing jewelry that came straight off the corpses. But she hardly knew anything about it.

I know I am being a little too unfair on the movie but I guess I had real high expectations from this one, after far too many brainless makes being shoved in our faces . It does have a twist or a two but mostly a pretty straightforward movie wherein a  relentless and vindictive lover fights a coldblooded murderer. All in all you would like this movie if you don’t watch it with mammoth size expectations.


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The lunchbox

 Sometimes Bollywood movies feel like you are experiencing zombie apocalypse already. Its like the story line, the dialogues, the acting, the songs are all gnawing your brain and you come out dumber than when you entered the theater.

So  what  do you do with a movie that has Irrfan khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in it? You pretty much  jump at your chance of resurrection and you go and watch it. I am talking about The lunchbox. It is a job so well done that it restored my diminishing faith in Indian Cinema. I am a human again.

It’s a story that revolves around a neglected wife, Illa who believes her enhanced culinary skills would make her husband notice her again and relieve her of the drab of a life she has been living. She does find  relief  not from her own husband though. When The Lunchbox meant for her husband by an error of the dabbahwaala lands up at Saajan’s, a widower, office table. Saajan  is  fast approaching retirement from his dull and average job . Feelings are. what are exchanged through lunch box from then on.

Now you might think what got into me that I talk of a movie that has been released quite a while ago. Thats because I rewatched Life in a Metro. And I could not help but notice the stark similarity in a way.


Two undermined Housewives Illa and Shikha(Shipa shetty in life in a metro) in a loveless marriage find solace and love outside of it. Both of them are blessed with husbands who are obnoxious and heartless  in their own way. And yes they are philanderer. So basically the housewives are living a life so pathetic that the audience would feel happy for them when they find love outside of their wedlock.

So far so good. Now I wait eagerly for that moment. When the wife would finally kick the sorry asses of their husband and walk out of it. But it ain’ t happening. Wait, What? I ain’t getting no action? While one sorry Ass gets the wife back, the other’s is still progressive as she plans to leave for another country. We see a plan there though even if we don’t see her actually doing it.

That is what disappointed me. Why couldn’t the women be shown walking out and accepting the love that they deserve. Because they aren’t  sure if the audience is prepared yet. Are we so open-minded and progressive e to accept the wife’s affair or are we still clinging on to the whole saga of how a wife should work out her marriage. The age-old formula. And for me this is where the creative glitch lies. This is where I see a powerful movie succumbing to the demand and narrow-mindedness of the society. The movie just doesn’t break free from the expectations and bondage just as the women don’t.

So what if the husbands are scum bags? The man is shown sleeping around on various occasions. The woman isn’t. Because the woman should return chaste. So the one time she wants to give in to her feelings, the douche of a friend has to return early and spoil it.

 It is okay for a groom to abandon his wedding though. The bride is just a mere measurement of blouse and petticoat. We can accept that. See aren’t we progressive?

Having said that I loved these movies. More so The Lunch box.


The case of an overbearing overcoat.


All characters in the work are living to the best of author’s knowledge, and any resemblance to people or things is purely intentional.

Once upon a time, in the world of G, a new desire had taken home. The dream for a perfect overcoat. An overcoat that would make heads turn,  an overcoat that would be a solution to all her miseries, be the cause of everyone’s envy.


She shared her dreams with her friend S who could not really fathom what the excitement was all about. Probably because she wasn’t the one who had watched Priety Zinta swaying -you blink and you miss- range of overcoats in the movie kal ho na ho.

The God of fashion decided to bestow his blessing on G and one fine day she came to possess what she was seeking. The very next day she wore it to her college. She rejoiced at the envious stare of the girls. As she reached S, she expected S to be enthralled and captivated. S instead scoffed and chortled. After much denying S told her that it reminded her of the days back in school when they were made to wear lab coat during science experiments. S later apologized for her error of judgment and said that G’s overcoat was indeed nice. G was left unsettled. Could you blame her?

What she thought she got

white overcoat

what she really got

funny overcoat

The claws of dejection dug deeper into her heart as no one in her class admired or even acknowledged it. She asked M if her coat reminded her of something. M said that it didn’t remind her of anything.

“Are you sure it doesn’t remind you of a lab coat?”

” umm…just a little, may be. Probably its the color.”

S asked her to stop asking irritating questions to random people and put the whole episode behind her for the good of mankind.

G couldn’t.

Then came the most dreaded and loathsome lecture accompanied by a even more dreaded professor. Everyday at that hour they, along with all the other classmates, broke into a run of their lives for the classroom to grab the best seats which would be as far away from the professor as can be. Today was no different.


G’s overcoat was flying everywhere in all its glory and She was keeping in pace with S. It was during this thrilling run, a friend R stood right in their path. Standing there she said it aloud brimming with excitement.

“Wow G, that’s a fab overcoat you are wearing!”

But S and G were soldiers on mission. Such flattery wouldn’t deter them. would it? So G did what had to be done – Push her Away like she were a plague.


A little running and a dive later they were where they belonged. The back bench.

And G learnt a very important lesson. In a battle, a brave soldier doesn’t need a shining Armour as much as a heart of steel.

**********************THE END**********************

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