Finding Fanny and weighty Issues.

Finding_Fanny_Theatrical_release_poster I watched “Finding Fanny” and I wouldn’t beat around the bush. I loved it. Even after I had to watch it in a chair with a broken armrest, chewing rubbery cold  pop corns, a cringe worthy ceiling and a lingering perpetual scent of stale Urine. There! You just   got a perfect picture of Jade,  the sole theater for Indian movies in Singapore. Finding Fanny  is about love, Hope, Lust, egos and changing equations. Its a story about a man, Ferdie, who embarks on the journey seeking the love of his life along with a twisted painter, a virginal(pun intended), the love sick, an uptight  and a cat. Its a Journey that’s both metaphorical as it is literal. Now I can go on, give you an outline of the story, the performances, the glitch.


Now what do you expect when to go to watch a movie like finding fanny? A movie by the one who gave us “being Cyrus”.

CYRUSSeriously? I am perplexed by the way some people are bashing up the movie and writing it off. I don’t go watch a Sajid khan movie if I am looking out for a social message. Do I? Well who am i kidding? I don’t watch a sajid khan’s movie in any case. But what I am trying to say is don’t write off a movie because it isn’t what you thought it to would be. When a director makes a movie like that he knows the risks. He will miss out on a major chunk of audience. But he goes ahead, may be because that’s what he believes in. And there are people who enjoy them, because it breaks the gazillion  stereotypical notions we are bound by.

So I post this after watching the movie “Actors that can act, a modest but refreshing story , movie worth my time. “Finding Fanny” does manage to revive some of my lost faith in Indian cinema.” So it basically sums up my views on the movie. And you see why I liked the movie.

But then there are people who post “third grade movie”, “bakwaas”, “not recommended”.

That’s what gets me every time. E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E. .


And I by no means am saying that I liked it so everyone should like it. Of course not. You have all rights to not like it. But its definitely not a unsuccessful attempt at a movie. It is an intelligent movie and worth a watch. Had I  gone by the reviews doing rounds on the internet and not watched it the first day, I could have easily be fooled into not seeing it. And I personally know people  who would love this movie for its clear resemblance to a good Literary drama.

Having said that, I am not as irritated by the bad reviews this movie has been receiving as the following episode that happened during the movie.

So there is a scene in the movie where Don Pedro  (Pankaj Kapoor) a exaggerated version of himself  paints a disgraceful picture of  Rosie(Dimple Kapadia) and for sometime its actually funny. And then  he says the words “I am done with you” and lift up the painting at an angle where audience can see. Needless to say there were saggy b**bs and a loose belly. Now an actress as good as Dimple wordlessly but explicitly puts it across that she is shattered and feels used. I guess, this is the first time in the movie she sees herself  from eyes that’s not her own. And very perverted at that. It made me sad. of course there were squeals of delight all around. What got me were a small group of women who kept laughing for the next minute at the beauty of the scene. Literally and that too, loudly, even after everyone stopped.

I am sorry? What was funny? A woman being disrobed and demeaned. The naked body? The insults hurled at her?Now its not my place to judge anyone.  May be I am the one reading too much. But I just could relate it to  the fact how insensitive we are. It We are so used to watching movie where a joke on a woman is funny and we don’t know where to stop? It reminds me of women who giggle while thier guy friends make fun of another woman passing by. And it reminds me of all the insensitive comments made on a postpartum body of a woman.****(Kinda spoiler alert)***** So did it give me a relief when the self proclaimed painter got shot right in his face and was thrown out of the car and drowned in the water? Hell Ya! The death by the way had so much similarity to the death of the cat. Abrupt, oblivious and disregarded. But at least the cat got a proper burial.

To end it on a funny note, sharing this oh-so-true portray of an epic dumb Salman’s reaction to the movie, done by  The Indian Express.


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