Philandering ways and what a f(p)light!

I know you are hurt. Believe me I am no less hurt, for we were going steady, so much in love.  I have been ignoring you lately. Our relationship is  at a stage when things between us are new and therefore sometime confusing. Don’t get me wrong I still feel the same love for you like I did when I wanted you so bad and then when things started between us. But lately I had been feeling, what you could call, commitment phobia. You know when I realization dawned upon me that this is something I would have to commit to all my life. Will I be faithful enough? More than that would I have enough perseverance enough to sail through the whole wide ocean that is life with you by my side always? Yes I have been flirting here and there with other blogs but nothing serious. I am sure you are now used to my roving eyes that how I like to spend more time admiring other people’s blogs than work it out with you. But now it’s all going to change. We are going to spend more time together. We are so going to work this out. I am ready for a long term relationship and who better to spend the rest of my life with than you. I apologize to you with all my heart and I hope you to be a bigger person.  

Hey there. Long time no see! No I didn’t go back to my planet. Your bad.  The past couple of weeks have been busy with me travelling to India. I had to fly on the 15th of June at 10:20 am  but the plane didn’t take off before 1:30 pm on 16th of June. Oh the torture of postponing the onward flight which by the way was another story. Which airline you ask? Our very own Air India! *drum rolls*. It started with we not being able to flag down a cab, no cab on call as well and then after we get one the considerate driver, asks us the time of our flight and the slow motion backward jerk of his head was enough to tell us that he did not approve of out time management.

HE: yes we like to live on the edge

(The driver isn’t impressed)

ME: (grins sheepishly) It could have been worse.

And hallelujah I have never been so right in my life. FLIGHT CANCELLED.

No, like seriously, the excuses were so lame. The pilot seemed to have gone for an impromptu leave. Early birds  were accommodated in Singapore Airlines (lucky creatures), some were adjusted in Jet and others (ahem ahem) in the next day’s Air India flight which was again 3 hours behind schedule. On a bright side we got free breakfast.

Then we reach Mumbai to catch our onward flight to Surat which was again delayed . No introduction needed. Spice jet has the monopoly there. We were then allowed to board the flight but it didn’t take off before an hour or so. Did we get bore? Oh no! It was quite happening (literally) in fact. Passengers picked up brawl with air stewards with things like ‘why is the pilot hiding behind the box’ and such said and the pilot coming out of his cockpit and  things like wanting ‘discipline in my plane’ and such being shouted back. Whoa! On a bright side my toddler kept peace during the entire trying and helluva dramatic episode. And as they say, never argue with your pilot because you are so going to get a rough landing. True that.


The thing that surprised me the most were the conversations I got to eves drop hear among women, while waiting to board the flight.  No! It wasn’t about the fear of getting stranded in a sickly small airport for a long time Or the fact their people getting worried back home. Well brace yourself to hear the universal worry of an Indian woman. For the sole purpose of originality I would like to quote them to the best of my memory.

“hey bhagwan, pata nahi kab ghar pahuchenge. khaana bhi to banana hai.”

(“Oh God, when will we reach home, have to cook too”)

“kabhi kabhi thak jaate hai to mann hota hai ki bread butter kha ke so jao, par bina khaana nahi chalta na”

(“Sometimes I am so tired that I feel like having bread butter and going to sleep but doesn’t work that ways”)

Why is that women are always on such constant reminders and alerts that they are bound by duties? Why can’t they just be? No I am not blaming the woman here, I am blaming the people who wait for them to return so they can have a hearty meal Why not make it a lot more simple by eating out when she is not up to it?

Well that’s that for now. Can’t think of anything else more happening than this journey in the past weeks. Oh! that and the fact  I have switched to sulfate free shampoo. O ya!( Oh rich lather how I miss ya!)