The case of an imaginary Doppelganger.

ME and HE are watching a show, Suddenly HE turns to ME, who is still engrossed in the show. HE sighs. ME turns to face HE.

HE: What if someday a look alike of mine wants to take over? What are you going to ask us to be sure who is the real me?

(ME wants the reader to know that the question is random, it has nothing to do with the TV show they are watching and such hypothetical questions are often thrown at ME.) 

ME: umm…let me think. well…

HE(Interrupts ME’s thoughts which deprives the world of what could have been a solution beyond the average intelligence): You could ask me the name of your blog for instance.

ME: But don’t you think if a person wants to replace you, he would at least know this much?

HE: Yes you are right, he might have done his research.

(HE thinks some more, ME knows there is no use of her thinking as HE likes his own answers better.)

HE: I guess you could ask the time of the birth of our baby.

ME(suspiciously): And when is that?

HE: 7:45 pm

ME: It’s 7:50 pm

(HE blabbers something about the hospital watch being inaccurate)

HE : (Excitedly) You know what? Ask him the name of the place where we were heading to, while in Coventry, when we missed our train by a minute. Remember?(ME still maintains the same suspicious look) Alton towers!

ME: It was Leicester! And you know what? The way your answers are, I just might take YOU for the fake one!

HE: (Chortles) Okay so now you know, whoever gives the wrong answers would be me!

ME: hmmm…works for me I guess.

HE smiles at himself and is seen enjoying the show again as he has just resolved a probable future crises. 


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