The case of an imaginary Doppelganger.

ME and HE are watching a show, Suddenly HE turns to ME, who is still engrossed in the show. HE sighs. ME turns to face HE.

HE: What if someday a look alike of mine wants to take over? What are you going to ask us to be sure who is the real me?

(ME wants the reader to know that the question is random, it has nothing to do with the TV show they are watching and such hypothetical questions are often thrown at ME.) 

ME: umm…let me think. well…

HE(Interrupts ME’s thoughts which deprives the world of what could have been a solution beyond the average intelligence): You could ask me the name of your blog for instance.

ME: But don’t you think if a person wants to replace you, he would at least know this much?

HE: Yes you are right, he might have done his research.

(HE thinks some more, ME knows there is no use of her thinking as HE likes his own answers better.)

HE: I guess you could ask the time of the birth of our baby.

ME(suspiciously): And when is that?

HE: 7:45 pm

ME: It’s 7:50 pm

(HE blabbers something about the hospital watch being inaccurate)

HE : (Excitedly) You know what? Ask him the name of the place where we were heading to, while in Coventry, when we missed our train by a minute. Remember?(ME still maintains the same suspicious look) Alton towers!

ME: It was Leicester! And you know what? The way your answers are, I just might take YOU for the fake one!

HE: (Chortles) Okay so now you know, whoever gives the wrong answers would be me!

ME: hmmm…works for me I guess.

HE smiles at himself and is seen enjoying the show again as he has just resolved a probable future crises. 


A Marriage gone wrong

It looked like a real wedding, at least a mini version of it. Everything was arranged beautifully. The food looked sumptuous and reasonably elaborate. It was home cooked, she had wanted outdoor catering but her parents thought she was being very demanding and impractical. The tantrums had already been over exploited so She thought it best to accommodate lest the whole celebration would have been called off. There was a mix of  balloon and flower decoration, the groom’s set had insisted for it. They had been doing a lot of “insisting” lately. They can make such demands as they have what they call “Groom power”. Whatever that is! After personally seeing to the arrangements she decided to check on her bride. Final touches were done and there was the most beautiful bride.


Seeing the bride all clad up like this, her eyes welled up with tears(or so she imagined), she couldn’t believe it was the same modern, free willed apple of her eyes. 


Rushi was marrying her dolly today, to her best friend Anusha’s doll. They had been planning it for weeks now. Invitation were sent to their friends who were then fairly divided between the two sets. Rich dresses were stitched for the special occasion. After much consideration Rushi’s playroom was finalized as the party venue. All the dolly’s kith and kins were to be present, who were anyways scattered around in the playroom. As the groom arrived, the celebration started. There was dinner, garlands were exchanged, a lot of dancing on bollywood tunes. Everyone was happy.

“We are getting late, lets just get over with the rituals” Anusha said with the same an air of importance that comes when you have the groom power.

“We are almost done, but if you want  to dance a little more, I can request mom to play the CD again.” asked Rushi politely.

“No. I mean the bidaai, get the bride ready as she will live with us from now on” demanded Anusha.

“No she won’t !” Rushi exclaimed

“Yes she will, don’t you know now she is our burden.”

“I wont give away my dolly!”

“Then why did you marry her off at  first place?”

“I take back the marriage then” cried Rusha in a hoarse voice.

“You cant !”

“Yes I can.”

” Okay Whatever! Who wants your ugly, anorexic dolly anyway?”

A punch then landed on Anusha’s nose, and back she fell on the colorful stage of Lego blocks made for the bride and groom. There were hitting, biting, scratching until the parents broke the fight.

The groom went back home without the bride,  bride went back to her blond-haired free willed self. Rusha vowed never to put her dolly or herself to such humiliation ever again.


I, as a kid, was always fascinated by my mother’s account of how  they would marry their dolls off within friends just for the fun of it , something which came close to extinction by late eighties, the time when I should be getting my dolls married. So one fine day I asked my mom to find(read buy) my doll a groom so I could marry my doll off too. But what she got me was a pygmy version of a doll. She told me that the scarcity of them in the market is to be blamed but I still believe it was her bid to save money. I remember telling her I couldn’t marry my beautiful and tall doll to him and that he would look more like her son.

Ahem Ahem… So this is how my doll ended up with a son that too without being married. It was a difficult time for her, we are  talking of the time when even to be a single mother was a social taboo  leave alone having a child out-of-wedlock. What do I say? We were quite radical like that!

P.S. I do not claim any copyrights for the above images.