This is not how it ends!

Outside the sun was getting mightier with each passing minute. There was the usual bustle of the summer morning. Kids were busy playing cricket, women negotiating with the vendors and men’s exaggerated laughter after their yoga session.    Inside, his limp body lay on the bed with no sign of the outside’s hustle bustle or the noon’s rays of the sun. One would think him dead had it not been for his once in a while feeble efforts to ward off the fly which would lodge on the hollow of his cheek like it were it’s own abode. It seemed to take him immense efforts to turn himself and face the ceiling. An unusual place for a mirror but it served his purpose. He would have cringed in horror at the state of his own appearance a few years back  but he merely noticed it now. Disheveled graying hair, unshaven hollowed face, sickly body and eyes devoid of light. It wasn’t always like this. He was as charming a boy, as youth would allow him to be. The bare decaying walls were once adorned with his favorite poster

Then the poster had been  the inspiration and motivation behind his undaunted lover boy spirit and his clean haircut. He would wake up real early and follow her dream girl everywhere. Standing outside her home, college, coaching classes just to get a glimpse of her. After the initial days of indifference came loathsome glances, persistent No’s, slaps, more slaps and a FIR against him. But he didn’t give up, just like his Hero hadn’t, who he worshiped.  He knew he would win her over. He would not mind abducting her if need be just like in the movie. But then what he got by the end of it all were broken bones(courtesy her brothers) and a broken spirit(courtesy her marriage). It was then he had confined himself to this room.Today, he had chuckled inwards when he had used the last bit of the poster to wipe shit off his butt. He hadn’t eaten anything for a day but the fear of being subjected to curious adult’s glares and mocking kid’s jabs had deterred him. But then he made his decision.

Outside, the light hit him hard and he wanted to crouch and crawl back to his shell, nevertheless he moved on. He reached the roadside stall and held out his hand. The stall owner ceremoniously handed him some leftovers. The stall owner had done his part of charity for the day. He took the bread and sat nearby under the tree to feast  upon it.  People were gathered around the TV at the nearby store. Youngsters were whistling and men smiling obscenely. It is then he saw it.

The caged Animal inside him roared  beating furiously against his chest to be let out. He let out a blood curdling shriek picked up stones and hurled it violently at the screen. The volume of the TV was drowned by his ear-splitting screams. He had let out the Beast and it didn’t rest until he was lying face down in the pool of broken screen shred.


Say isn’t our’s a broad-minded country? Applauding movies and trailers like such. Pushing behind the obvious threat it poses to already decaying social mindset.

Apne uttar pradesh me ladhkiyan do tarah se pataayi jaati hai. ek to mehnat se subah se shaam peec ha karo ghar ke bahar school ke bahar bazaar me sadako pe cycle pe rickshaw me tempo me khaana khaana chodhh do wazan ghatta lo aur ladhki ko itna thaka do ki wo thak ke haan bol de.

(rough translation : There are two ways to woo a girl. One is by following her everywhere, outside her home, outside her school, marketplace, streets, on cycle, rickshaw, tempo. Stop eating, loose weight, exhaust the girl so much that she is forced to say yes.)

Say what? How about asking her out for a coffee and if she declines the offer, take the hint and back off.

Never give up!

Yes sure never give up until one of these happen.


Its sad how the memories of such incidences are pushed back to make way for movies promoting ridiculous notions and ideas. Where stalking a girl is a heroic and noble.

Mauhalo ke ladhko ka pyaar hamesha doctor aur engineer utha ke le jaate hai.

Let me put it this way son. That’s because they had been busy taking degree while you were on a chasing spree! Now go get back to your books.

I am just hoping for the movie to have a noble message for the straying youth and the false notions they carry in their brains about love and woman.

Disclaimer:  I do not claim any copyright for the images or the video above. 



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