The case of the Misplaced dish

ME‘ and HE‘ are seen sitting in a restaurant scanning the menu. Suddenly MEs eyes wanders to the nearby table occupied by two middle age women. Just so you know MEs  eyes have a life of their own and they always check the food out at the next table.

ME (leaning forward and talking in whispers) They seem to be eating something very interesting!

HE (trying to act nonchalant but stealing a few curious sideways glances) What is it?

ME: Let me see if I can find it in the menu.

After a few attempts, where in ME is placing each item on the menu against the mental image of the palatable dish at the next table.

ME: Nope. Seems like I can’t make it out.

HE: Just ask them.

ME: You think? Ok!

It is not for nothing that gluttony is one of the seven sins.

ME (too enthusiastically) Excuse me! Would you mind telling me what is it that you are eating?

The woman look at each other and then at ME like ME has just arrived from Pluto which isn’t even a planet anymore.

ME : I mean, I can’t find it in the menu. If you could help?

Much to ME‘s despair they maintain the same creepy expression.

ME waves the menu frantically with the last crumb of her dignity clinging on to it. ME looks at HE for help who, with a speed of light, takes out his phone and gets busy in it. HE is very supportive that ways.

At  the other table one of the two women then decides to speak out – rudely!

“It’s not from here!”

ME is about to cry out of humiliation .

HE: (in a hushed voice) you should probably ask them what restaurant they got it from?


Embarrassed by the turn of the event, which could have otherwise led to a lasting female bonding,  and greatly let down by HE, ME doesn’t dare look up and sulks during the entire dinner . ME doesn’t even realize when the women get up and leave. As HE and ME reach the reception to make the payment. Hallelujah.


There is that woman – behind the counter.

So now ME understands the reason behind the woman’s behavior. She was guilty of having her dinner not from her own restaurant!


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