Stop calling it Eve teasing! Will you?

“Another bunch of worthless fellows!” we concluded as we heard them whistling.

“Don’t even acknowledge them” advised my cousin. “Losers!”

Seeing us ignore them, they took on to singing a bollywood tune.

“3 chocolates and juice…umm…that makes it 125” said the middle-aged man from behind the counter.

“God help our future” the man said quietly sneering at the hooligans.

We took our change and gave him a weak smile. Just then a small boy who was waiting for his turn at the shop started to scream. His words, somewhat vague at first started to ring loud and clear in my ears.

As we turned I felt my heart miss a beat. A kid along with his bicycle had fallen in a large drain. Before I could even register the scene, two of the “worthless fellows” jumped into the drain and the third stood alert in case  need arise. The kid was brought to safety while  the bright future stood thunderstruck, motionless.

The above incident is true and a first hand experience which has often made me think – why the boys who had the heart to save a drowning kid thought it was okay to harass girls?

Because it is okay to ogle at girls, stalk them and make passes at them.

Because we are a country where people call harassing – Eve teasing.

Because we  are headed by people who think following girls is harmless and should be left alone.


Because in a “sex starved” country like ours one should at least be able to get this much of privilege.

Because that is what woman want and that is how a woman falls in love.

Ya right!!!

Because every morning, we women ask ourselves if  we look good enough to be groped by that groin scratching lecherous man. Or pray that at least God make us hear one tacky and mortifying dialogue.

I remember going to work early morning at around 6 am wishing to reach my work place without being harassed. But sadly not a single day passed without those looks that made me feel like I am unclothed.  Do you know what exactly goes on in our mind? The failure to understand  why something that is ours becomes unrestricted. Why does the need arise to tell people something that is so basic. It is my body, quit using it like a trash bin for your filthy gesticulation, your detestable stares and your repulsive and gross touch.

I was 12 years old when I was coming home from school. Two boys around the age of  17 groped me from behind . I was stunned and then I saw an uncle witness everything and he just passed like nothing happened. It was disgusting. This was the first incident that made me fear men for they were both callous and cold-hearted. This incident made me learn early that there is no end to such suffering but there is no need to remain silent and suffer. Because not protesting  is encouraging.


laundiyan patayenge missed call se.

No! No Salman! you have got it all wrong! You  of all people should know – missed calls don’t work!

Never been a fan of Dolce & Gabbana ad campaigns but this one went too far.


Seriously what were you thinking?

Then there is this recent controversy regarding the Ford ad campaign


The ad features Silvio Berlusconi with three women tied and gagged in the boot. The ad is distasteful considering Silvio has been involved in numerous sex scandals. Ford has publicly apologized for it.


NO it’s not okay to blow smoke on woman’s face. Tipalet or not! well the best part is that you are anyways going to die pretty soon with all the smoke blowing you do!

Just so you know –


It is crucial that it is put into your hollow brain – whistling at woman, making lewd comments and vulgar gestures- is harassment and if you think this is all harmless then you are a piece of ignorant rotting scum.



4 thoughts on “Stop calling it Eve teasing! Will you?

  1. Shwetha..i could feel all your pain and emotion in this blog.Such incidents make me feel ashamed and guilty for belonging to the male sex community that harass women in a lot of ways..! All i can say is that such idiots should be punished severely..!!

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