When lived the child in me!

” Where are you from?” Feeding data in her computer she asked us.

“India” we spoke together.

“Oh! Namaste!” folding her hands together she greeted us. “Hope I pronounced it right. This is the only word I know” she revealed giggling.

“You sound perfect” assuring we giggled back.

“Well the Walt Disney studios is open till 7 pm and the Disney park till 10 pm. You can see the sky dazzling with colors and lights if you can wait till 10.” handing us our tickets and a map, she spoke in a matter of fact tone.
It seemed such an impossible idea to stay until the park closes as it was the coldest day since our arrival in Paris. It wasn’t that we didn’t pre-check the weather forecast but with only one last weekend in our hands we had no other option.

With a hopper ticket in our hands we were making up our mind. Disney park or Walt Disney studios?

OK lets start with Disney park as we were already in.

Studying the map with trembling hands(yes it was very cold!!!) we settled for some “must” rides.

As we got to our first ride of the day we read- “Indiana Jones-80 minutes from this point.”

OK, Seriously we were expecting this as we have even managed to wait for 2 hrs for rides in other theme parks but then the weather was pleasant not to mention that the wait was absolutely worth the ride.

Standing in the- never-seemed-to- end kind of a queue my mind boggled with many questions.

“Damn why on earth didn’t I wear my boots?”
“How could I be such a fool to come out of my room without my gloves?”
“Why did we have to come out of our hotel when its freezing 1 degree?”

It was like standing on an iced floor. I pacified by promising myself a long hot bath once back in my hotel room. By the end of the waiting I had started hopping in order to keep myself warm.

The ride took less than a minute to completely botch us and leave us all in shambles, but honestly I have had the pleasure of enjoying rides better than this one.

After a quick bite and gulping down another cup of coffee we made our way for other ‘must’ rides.

It was already 5 by the time we were done with two more of the rides. We then decided to go to Walt Disney and may be come back to Disney park afterwards. As we were about to leave we saw a huge crowd amass for…

“O yes the Disney land parade!!!”

Abandoning the idea of Walt Disney ,we set out to look for an appropriate place to behold the much talked about parade.

O God why am I so close to the ground. Ok I am reasonably tall but sometimes standing among the French u feel like a compact dwarf. I just could not see beyond their heads.

I tried certain arrangements.On his feet but it didn’t make much of a difference. On a pole which was too narrow. He tried lifting me but we could not rely on this arrangement for too long. Could we?

The window sill of a Cafe gave me just the view I wanted.

And then it sally forth. Minnie mouse attired in pink polka dotted frock adorning a pink bow headband and pink high heeled shoes invariably over sized.

This is how I had always seen her. This is how I always wanted to see her. Isn’t it? Suddenly I was left rooted there, but my winged mind flew back to hotel…airport…India…Delhi…my home… living room…yes I am sitting there,spellbound, gazing at the TV…for it is my favorite hour of Sunday. Fantasizing about meeting all these toony characters one day for they are that I want to live. So funny, lively, chirpy, insouciant, sunny. They are so much I want to be.


A tear trickled down my eye. I m here and right before me is something I wished so much. Did I get so preoccupied with my newfangled dreams that I callously crushed the innocent and ingenuous ones?

Disney land!!! THE DISNEYLAND!!! And hell! All I cared for was the weather.

And then I saw the castle. Yes the one in which I had pictured myself living sometimes like Rapunzel and sometimes Snow white.

Donald duck, Goofy, The little mermaid,Mowgli Ariel,Snow White,Cinderella Aladdin,Ginnie,Chip’n dale. Oh! How much I still live them. How much I still want to be a part of them.

“So should we head towards Big Thunder Mountain?”

“Can we ride the carousel instead?” I asked him.

“Oh sure”. Either He seemed to understand me well or he just realized what I did.

And then there we were, not for those nerve wrecking- neck breaking rides but in the fantasy park giving the much awaited chance to my childhood to breathe in the feeling, it so much wanted to savor.

It was one after the other. Merry go round(Le Carrousel de Lancelot), magic carpet, crush’s coaster.

By the time we left it was 10 pm. We did enjoy the parade again and this time we followed it till the end. And yes the Minnie mouse did wave back at me.


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